The Three Modules:

Simone, Natalia and Jo from Your Feeding Team will be talking about some of the main areas that kick-off fussy eating behaviors and common root causes of picky eating.
In this module, we look at understanding developmentally normal picky eating, understanding a child’s ability to self-regulate their food intake and the importance of mealtime structure. On top of this, we give you practical examples with our comprehensive list of snack ideas and an introduction to Family Style Meals.
Our focus here is on responsive feeding, learning to avoid pressure and some practical videos about implementing family meals. We also have a fun exercise on spotting examples of pressure.


I am really excited for parents and caregivers to take this 3-part course. They will learn evidence based information about picky eating. Responsive feeding is the gold standard in researched feeding approaches and implementing it at home is so empowering, not only for the child but also for caregivers. Let’s leave mealtime frustrations behind!

Simone Emery

Occupational Therapist

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