Welcome to Your Feeding Team

What is Your Feeding Team?
A convenient way for parents and caregivers to access professional support for a range of childhood feeding concerns.

Typical concerns that we help parents navigate:

  1. Your child is dropping foods from their diet that were eaten in the past
  2. Your child is anxious around new foods
  3. Mealtimes are becoming a battle ground
  4. Your child eats a white / beige food diet
  5. Your child is refusing foods from food groups like vegetables, fruit or meat/meat alternatives.
  6. Mixed texture foods are being rejected
  7. Meal planning is becoming stressful and/or overwhelming
  8. Concerns about feeding your children are making family dynamics difficult
  9. A feeding history that needs some additional health experience / guidance
Natalia Stasenko, Jo Cormack and Simone Emery

Together we make an experienced team to support you. Jo has a passion for helping families with food anxious children and understanding their emotional needs. Natalia is an experienced dietitian working with families to improve dietary repertoire. Simone is an occupational therapist helping children reach functional goals including improving their physical skills of eating as well as enabling them to meet their sensory and body regualtion needs as they learn about a wider variety of food. They each run their own successful consulting practices, yet, together, they make this trans-disciplinary team designed with you in mind.

Don’t fret over another turned down meal or feel guilty that you are doing it all wrong. Blame, tears and sadness are not what raising children is all about. You are not alone!

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