FREE Videos for Parents

As part of our free Facebook group, Parenting Picky Eaters, we created a free video course for our members in 2020. In order to make the course more accessible, we’ve now uploaded the transcripts and videos to the website so you can watch it at your own pace. The information gives you an introduction to the philosophy of responsive feeding practices and answers some of the most frequently asked questions that parents ask us. Thanks for investing your time into watching (reading) these videos (transcripts) designed with parents in mind. Please click through to each guide in turn. Alternatively, you can watch them in the Facebook group and access them through the tab entitled “Guides”.

Guide One: Who is Your Feeding Team?

Guide Two: Root Causes of Picky Eating

Guide Three: Mealtime Battles

Guide Four: The importance of having everyone on your team

Guide Five: Sneaking. Smuggling. Hiding

Guide Six: Supplements

Guide Seven: Growing out of picky eating

Guide 8: The Relationship between Rewards and Food

Guide Nine: What is a family meal?

Guide Ten: Structuring Family Meals

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