Module 3 – Positive Mealtime Parenting (Part Two)

Welcome to the third module of From Picky to Empowered: Introduction to Responsive Feeding. Here we will continue to expand on how to establish positive mealtime practices so that your child eats better and has a healthy relationship with food.

Our focus is on responsive feeding, learning to avoid pressure and some practical videos about implementing family meals. We also have a fun video – can you spot examples of pressure?

Responsive Feeding

 This is the ‘gold standard’ when it comes to feeding your child, whether or not they have issues with food. In this video, we explain what responsive feeding is and why it is so important.

How to Avoid Mealtime Pressure

So you’ve understood that pressure is the enemy of progress for your picky eater, but how to actually achieve pressure free meals? In this video, we share some crucial guidance.

Examples of Mealtime Pressure

Watch this action filled video to spot all the types of pressure Jo, Simone and Natalia are demonstrating for you.

How to set up meals

In the videos below Natalia will walk you through the meal set up she uses with her family. Next month, we really dive into HOW to help you introduce changes to make family meals happen. These videos are a taster for next month. Enjoy!

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