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Your Feeding Team is a membership support program for parents. We are no longer accepting new members to Your Feeding Team.

There is so much information online about picky eating. You’ve trawled the internet for strategies to help your child learn to like new foods, but nothing works. It’s hard to know what information to trust and all that conflicting advice can feel overwhelming. 

Maybe you’ve tried reward charts… making food fun… cooking with your child…  and still, meals feel like a battleground. We feed our children several times a day and when things are not working, this can be hugely stressful and worrying. 

Why join?

Your Feeding Team membership will take you from feeling lost to feeling super confident in your mealtime parenting. You will learn powerful, practical strategies that will enable you to enjoy relaxed mealtimes where every conversation is not centred around getting your child to eat. 

You will gain a better understanding of what is behind your child’s picky eating; learning to see food from their perspective will be a game-changer when it comes to helping them make progress with their eating. Our subscribers love the sense of togetherness they get from being part of our judgement-free community. Access to support and a feeling that you’re not alone makes anything seem possible.

our Feeding Team subscribers get access to comprehensive learning modules, which contain short video lessons taking you step by step through everything you need to know to help your picky eater.

You will also get a workbook to accompany the lessons, making it really easy to structure and implement your learning.

Our program is very interactive and all the content is members-driven. Each week, we invite everyone to vote on a topic for a brand new mini-lesson going live on Mondays. You also get access to all the recordings of the previous lessons inside the membership.

And because our goal with Your Feeding Team is to provide the best support right when you need it, you will also get access to a private Facebook group where you can ask any questions that come up for you as you go through the programme. The Facebook group is also a great place to chat to other parents who are going through the same thing. 

Some of the benefits of
Your Feeding Team membership:

  • No lock-in; you have the option to pay monthly or annually and stop anytime
  • A practical 10-module video course; this is your blueprint for helping your child learn to enjoy eating
  • Regular emails cheering you on as you work through the course
  • Regular opportunities to chat with the feeding professionals
  • Access to an archive of mini-lessons
  • Opportunity to get immediate support in our Facebook group
  • Three experts with different areas of focus, at your fingertips
  • A pdf workbook
  • The vault: an ever-growing library of feeding resources for you to dip into as you need to

Inside the vault and mini-lesson video library

  • Expert interviews
  • Filmed answers to member questions
  • Specific tutorials for members
  • PDF worksheets/printables on specific topics of interest

How it works

To subscribe to Your Feeding Team, just click the blue button and decide whether you want annual membership or whether you’d rather pay monthly.

Annual membership costs $197 and monthly membership is only $19/month. You can cancel your monthly membership at any time. 

As soon as you’ve paid, you’ll receive your unique log-in details in an email. Then you’ll have access to all the materials and to your workbook. Your welcome email will contain a link to join our private Facebook group.

Who are we?

At Your Feeding Team, we get it. Between the three of us, we have worked with hundreds of families of picky eaters and we have approximately 28 years of combined experience in this field!

We set up Your Feeding Team because there are only so many hours in the day. While we have been working one-to-one with families we all found ourselves with long waiting lists. We just weren’t able to help all the families who are looking for valuable and trusted support. Recognising that we have a shared approach to family feeding concerns, but different areas of expertise, we knew we would make a great team to support families in a way that offers additional flexibility beyond our one-on-one work.

Our judgement-free philosophy is all about helping you feel great about your parenting – we don’t believe that picky eating is parents’ ‘fault’ – we believe you are part of the solution.

Your Feeding Team: Jo, Simone and Natalia

Jo Cormack is a British counsellor who works with the psychology of picky eating, helping families with feeding dynamics. She understands that many picky eaters are very anxious about eating, and she teaches parents how to help them move forward at their own pace. Jo is involved with research into picky eating and uses her academic knowledge to ensure parents get the very latest guidance.

Simone Emery lives in Australia. She is an occupational therapist and nutritionist with many years of experience of working clinically in the feeding therapy space. She is passionate about using a child-centred approach to feeding problems and enjoys helping children with sensory or physical challenges.  

Natalia Stasenko is a paediatric dietitian. She trained in the US and is now based in the UK. Natalia loves helping parents identify and address potential nutritional gaps, however limited the child’s diet. Natalia firmly believes in ‘progress, not perfection’ and is all about small changes rather than unrealistic goals. 

Wondering if our approach is for you?

Your Feeding Team may NOT be a good fit if:

  • You are looking magical overnight results – picky eating just doesn’t work like this
  • You are looking for an affordable option to replace feeding therapy – a face-to-face approach and local feeding facilities are always the best option when children are really struggling with eating
  • You are not prepared to invest time and planning to move forward with your child’s feeding challenges

But if…

  • You’re on the waiting list for in-person feeding support and you want to get more informed about picky eating in the meantime
  • You’re working with a professional from a single discipline (like a Speech Therapist or Occupational Therapist) and you want to access other types of support which will be complementary
  • You’re struggling to find support in your local area
  • You value our gentle and child-centred approach
  • You’re ready to make some changes

…we know you’ll love the support we provide.

What people say about us

Wow is what comes to mind. Not only is Simone professional, non judgmental, knowledgeable and low pressure but she is just amazing with kids.

Kellie, Sydney

I always recommend Natalia in a heartbeat. I really liked how she made balanced eating so easy to understand and implement with my kids.

Ivonne, Spain

Jo’s advice was sensible and easy to follow and after a month, Fred was eating confidently and calmly.

Meg, Midlands, UK

Thank you so much Simone Emery, Natalia Stasenko and Jo Cormack. I’ve learnt so much and it’s really equipped me to handle so much now when it comes to meal times. Even my child’s psychologist asked for the name of this group to see if it can help some of her other clients!

Michelle, Australia


  • What if I haven’t got enough time to watch the course videos and go through the workbook?

We are all busy Mums and we know what it’s like! We have designed our resources so that they are quick to access and you can come back to them whenever you have a bit of spare time. Just log into the members area and catch up on the videos in your own time. We created Your Feeding Team with you in mind!

  • What if I don’t like it? Can I end my membership at any time?

Sure – you are free to unsubscribe by contacting us via email.

  • What age children is this suitable for?

The information and support you will get by signing up to Your Feeding Team will be relevant for all children from the age of eighteen months to pre-teens. However, we mostly focus on children aged between two and nine years of age.

Disclaimer: What we have to offer is not an alternative to face-to-face support from your child’s healthcare provider. It is your responsibility to get any concerns checked out by the relevant professional. 

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