Free Picky Eating Quiz

When it comes to feeding kids, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Where do you start when it comes to starting to access assistance for parenting picky eaters? Do you start with changing the food? Do you have go be tough? Is it something other than just the food? How do you cut through “well-meaning advice” that people give you, even when they aren’t walking in your shoes? How do you know if seeking feeding professional help is necessary?

As Jo, Natalia and Simone will attest, the first point of call is to understand the range of issues that can all co-contribute to initiating picky eating behaviours. Hence, we have created this checklist that highlights some of the common and lesser-known reasons for picky eating. All items that we can help with via a range of recommendations. If you decide to fill it in, at the bottom you have the option to send it to us via email. However, we hope that this self-reflection exercise is useful. As a disclaimer, this does not substitute getting professional medical advice tailored to your needs (as with any general information on this website). If you hit submit to this form, we will respond to your email and include you on our email list. We hope this helps you determine if accessing our subscription support group is right for your needs.


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