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11 hours ago

My almost 2 years old son has 2 safe foods (rice macaroni and pearl cous cous), and like 10 “sometimes” foods that include only 3 vegetables - cauliflower, broccoli and cucumbers. So with this diet he is of course constipated 😞 I cannot make him eat fruits or vegetables. He drinks water and sometimes apple juice. Do you have any life hacks on how to help him poop easier? 😥 I forgot to add that he is still breastfed, and the constipation is getting worse as I’m trying to breastfeed only at night. ...

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1 day ago

Any ideas for these besides eggs and pancakes? Remote in there for size reference 😬 ...

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5 hours ago

My son hasn't eaten in a week! An actual week. I just got him up from his nap and put him in his high chair while I made banana pancakes. Gave him some banana while I cooked and he ate it!!! 😭 I was worried he'd need to be tube fed again ...

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6 hours ago

My son is almost 4 and I still have to tell him to take each bite. I’ve stopped feeding him myself because I don’t think that’s helping anything. But if I don’t say “take a bite” or “feed yourself please” for every single bite he will let food sit there for hours. Anyone else have this problem? Tips? ...

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14 minutes ago

This is something out of the ordinary soooo I felt the need to share so we can all try with actual food maybe 😅
I had left over cilantro in a bowl from dinner last night and left it in the bowl, so my mom just put it in the fridge like that before she left. I didn’t have any use for it but forgot to throw it out. Today, while I was making dinner she asked to have some (when she opens the fridge it’s right there) I said yes, y’all she came back two more times and this was the third time (big handful 😂) CILANTRO YALL CILANTRO! Like ?!?
So I’m planning on doing this with other foods, she likes fruit and carrots so I’m gonna try with other veggies.(have it prepared and leave it in a bowl within reach so she feels in control vs. me putting it in a bowl for her) It’s worth a shot 🙌🏻

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