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1 hour ago

Ugh life of a picky eater.

He wasn’t eating his lunch at the beginning of the school year so I made an agreement with him that my husband does not really like 😆. Why? He said I’m giving him choices 🙃

He chooses his main entrée 3 out of the 5 days of school. 
1 out of the 5 days I get to choose the main entrée so chicken nuggets, sandwich, breakfast, etc. and on the 5th day they have pizza Friday. Every day except for Friday I get to choose the side that goes with his lunch that he has to eat.

So here we have sliced strawberries and grapes and a pepperoni “flower” 😅 I try to always do a dairy (  organic milk or yogurt), a protein, fruit and vegetable but I did not feel like cutting any carrots, broccoli or celery today 🤣

I don’t see how he can eat nachos daily 🥲 but at least he’s eating.

Btw, he will be 7 in 3 months and can eat fruit whole but I’m a paranoid momma 🙃

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14 hours ago

What’s your kids one thing you make or have on hand for them when they don’t wanna eat anything else? My daughters is Sausages.

Pic for attention

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3 hours ago

WIN NIGHT! She’s eating instant yakisoba and Coco’s Curry for dinner🥺 (Basically take out because we’re in the middle of moving) ...

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6 hours ago

Hello Mommies,
Greetings 🖖
I am mother of three year old son and 7 months old daughter.
As I started solids to my girl by six months which includes purees of veggies, fruits etc, but she is refusing each and everything like the moment I make her sit on chair she starts crying and not accepting anything. My son is super picky eater and I don’t want my daughter turned the same. I tried offering her finger food on chair that also she is not eating and she is completely on breastfeeding. I am really upset as when u struggle so so much to feed ur babies😭
Kindly pour your suggestions or any reason why she is crying to have food.

Have a wonderful day ahead.

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23 hours ago

Im so glad I found this group!! My son has been an extremely picky eater since he was 2. He had his 4 year old checkup yesterday and even though his doctor isn't concerned, I am(well I always worry about him gaining weight) I was really hoping his weight would be a little better than it is but I see so many on here are dealing with the same thing and I don't feel so alone anymore.

Thanks for the add😊 Pic of my little guy❤❤

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