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12 minutes ago

My little one ate some French fries today 😆 I’ll take it! ...

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27 minutes ago

Hello! Silent Reflux question!

Our 12 month old use to eat everything when we started BLW/puree combo. So much so that we thought she was early weaning from breastfeeding

At the end of March, she caught pneumonia and then had an allergic reaction to oral medication. Since then, she has eaten very little. We thought this was she was avoiding solids. She barely eats anything now. I mean often not even a bite, when she use to shovel food in her food. She is losing weight I've become so deeply depressed over worry.

But I just read about silent reflux and so much of it seems like our daughter. Irritability. Gagging. Poor sleeping (her sleep has become horrible since when this all became a problem). Avoiding eating. Nasal congestion. Arching the back.

Does anyone have experience similar to mine where their LO was diagnosed with silent reflux? What helped? I need hope.

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46 minutes ago

Has anybody tried seeking professional help for their 2 year olds? Who do we consult? What consists of the program? And what are the results? TIA! ...

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3 hours ago

I'm worried now🥺🥺🥺 ...

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4 days ago

My 3 months old baby refuse to drink my breastmilk/ formula from bottles. I tried different kind of bottles already too.
Any advice please...

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