A new way for parents to access professional help for picky eating.

  • Are you tired of having dinners pushed away by your kids?
  • Sick of seeing food wasted because it isn’t eaten?
  • Felt like you’ve tried every trick in the parenting manual?
  • Want to tackle picky eating with trusted professional help?
  • Feel time poor, but can spent a pocket of time each week making incremental, supported improvements?

When you subscribe to Your Feeding Team, not only will you will have access to videos designed to start helping your family understand picky eating, you get invaluable access to our exclusive online support community on Facebook. You also get ongoing access to 3 feeding specialists, virtual events and be able to feel more supported during mealtimes. Your feeding team are the team that will celebrate, support and guide you along your journey of feeding children. With a range of clinical experience, we are able to help you with a range of feeding concerns.

Typical feeding concerns we help parents with:

  1. Your child is dropping foods from their diet that were eaten in the past
  2. Your child is anxious around new foods
  3. Mealtimes are becoming a battle ground
  4. Your child eats a white / beige food diet
  5. Your child is refusing foods from food groups like vegetables, fruit or meat/meat alternatives.
  6. Mixed texture foods are being rejected
  7. Meal planning is becoming stressful and/or overwhelming
  8. Concerns about feeding your children are making family dynamics difficult
  9. A feeding history that needs some additional health experience / guidance

Join Your Feeding Team

Together we make an experienced team to support you. Jo has a passion for helping families with food anxious children and understanding their emotional needs. Natalia is an experienced dietitian working with families to improve dietary repertoire. Simone works in a clinic environment delivering feeding therapy to children with complex needs with functional goals including improving chewing, motor skills, self-regulation around food and food familiarity. They each run their own successful consulting practices, yet, together, they provide the trans-disciplinary team that is designed with you in mind.

Don’t fret over another turned down meal or feel guilty that you are doing it all wrong. Blame, tears and sadness are not what raising children is all about. You are not alone!

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Jo is a registered counsellor and picky eating specialist who works with the psychological aspects of food and feeding. She helps anxious eaters and their families all over the world. Jo is also a doctoral researcher and her PhD is about how parents respond to picky eating. Jo writes extensively on picky eating and her most recent book (a guide for early years professionals on how to give children a positive relationship with food) was published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers in 2017. Jo is a mother of three and former foster carer. Jo writes about picky eating, her approach to helping parents and her research on her website jocormack.com.

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Natalia of FeedingBytes.com is a pediatric dietitian and mother of three. She helps families raise healthy eaters, start solids with their babies, resolve picky eating and enjoy family meals in simple and delicious ways. As a recognized pediatric nutrition expert she wrote for and was featured in numerous media outlets including Food and Nutrition Magazine, parents.com, Pregnancy and Nutrition Magazine and Huffington Post, among others. She offers online group classes and individual support for parents on FeedingBytes.com

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Simone has been working clinically with extreme picky eaters in Sydney, Australia since 2013. Her family have recently relocated to Melbourne. Simone still maintains the clinic support role for parents and mentors feeding therapists. She works with children to achieve improvement in their receptiveness to new foods with a playful approach. Moreover, SImone translates her clinical knowledge into fun home economics tips and recipes for parents on her blog, Play with Food. Her blog is written for parents from her everyday experiences as a parent and her specialist knowledge. She understands how trying it is to find support and motivation. She looks forward to cheering you on towards stress-free mealtimes.

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Together, We’ve Got This!

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  • Hi team,
    I’m a paed dietitian & academic in Melb working in this area. I’m considering traveling to Dallas for the Responsive Feeding Therapy. Grace encouraged me to connect with you.

    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Warm regards,

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