Should I give my picky eater a separate meal?

Making kids eat or try foods they don’t feel comfortable eating backfires in a major way. But you know that, right? Because most parents struggling with picky eating will feel like they’ve tried EVERYTHING to get their child to eat. Our guess is that the response to this ‘encouragement’ has been… shall we say… not […]

Navigating the Amber Zone

Learn about how to tell whether or not a mealtime strategy is helping or hindering your ‘picky eater’

Make Coping Your Goal

Parents, why should you make coping your goal when you have a picky eater at home? {Your Feeding Team}

Together is stronger

Life is busy. We all have our plates to juggle, and when we factor in a global pandemic, those plates just spin faster and higher. Often it can be easier not to address your child’s eating challenges; to carry on as you are rather than making potentially difficult changes. If you ARE making some changes […]

Exposures at any cost?

In this post, we want to share a few warnings about how children are exposed to new and disliked foods. There is a lot of research on the value of exposure. We know that children who are avoidant eaters often consider something not on their ‘accepted list’ to be way out of their league. This […]

Playing the Long Game

Here at Your Feeding Team, you won’t find any quick fixes; we’re all about change that lasts. This means prioritising the long term over the short term, which is not always easy.  Let me explain. You may be feeling really anxious about your child’s nutritional intake. Maybe they don’t willingly eat a single fresh fruit […]

Should I worry about my child's nutrition?

Should I Worry About My Child’s Nutrition?

Picky eaters are not created equal. One parent may describe their child as ‘picky’ because they turn their nose up at zucchini and cabbage. Another parent may use the same phrase, but is talking about a child who is hugely anxious at mealtimes and can only eat two kinds of crackers and the same brand […]

Picky Eating Is Not Your Fault!

Please Believe Us: Picky Eating is Not Your Fault

We decided to write this article for you because it makes us really sad – and angry – to hear this tired old judgemental perspective being bandied about.  “Well, if you did what I do and just not take any cr*p from them, they wouldn’t be picky” “You obviously aren’t trying hard enough” “It’s because […]

Does your picky eater need professional help?

Does your picky eater need professional help?

If your child has tooth ache, you take them to the dentist. If they are feeling ill, you go along to the doctor. But where do you go if you are worried about picky eating? And how do you even know whether you need professional help? The answer to this is complicated and changes according […]

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